changing language policy and ideas about language

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Mon Jan 12 15:37:20 UTC 2004

Certainly. James Collins' article "Our Ideologies and
Theirs" makes some good points in this regard. Too
often I see language planners thinking of "language
ideologies" as those mistaken ideas held by everyday
speakers, that act as obstacles to their (the
planners') well-laid plans! I'm encouraged at seeing
more critical linguists examining planners' and
policymakers' (and linguists') own views from the
perspective of language ideologies as well (A. Jaffe's
work on Corsica comes to mind, also the excellent
article on Haitian Creole by Schieffelin & Doucet).
Aurolyn Luykx

--- Lynn Goldstein <lgoldstein at> wrote:
> lgpolicy-list at writes:
> >I appreciate what Rachel says below--we think we
> have all the answers, but
> >the world "out there" may not agree with us; or
> other attitudes have to be
> >changed before popular ideas about language and
> language policy will
> >change
> >.
> I appreciate this, too. I don't think we have all
> the answers if we don't
> incorporate as part of our answers and understanding
> about langauge all
> the different beliefs non-linguists have about
> language , including the
> roles language plays  in their lives, and what they
> do as a result of
> these beliefs. it's not just about us "educating"
> non-linguists, it's also
> us learning from non-linguists their concerns and
> beliefs.
> Lynn Goldstein
> >

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