[lg policy] Call for participation, thematic session, SS19: Re-thinking language policy and practice in urban education: the example of France.

Dr. Florence Bonacina-Pugh florence at LING.ED.AC.UK
Tue Jan 17 18:29:51 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Please find below a call for participation to a thematic session in  
the next Sociolinguistics Symposium in Berlin:

Re-thinking language policy and practice in urban education: the  
example of France.

Since a recent move towards ethnographic approaches to language policy  
research (see for instance Johnson, 2009; McCarty, 2011), language  
practices occupy a central place in language policy studies. This is  
all the more true in studies focusing on language-in-education  
policies. In studying actual language practices, researchers have  
shown that language-in-education policies can be negotiated on the  
ground (see for instance Hélot and Laoire, 2011; Menken and Garcia,  
2010) and that new language policies can emerge in praxis (see for  
instance Bonacina, Forthcoming; Spolsky, 2004).

This thematic session aims to provide a space for exploring the  
relationship between language policy and practice, focusing on the  
specific context of urban education. Given that modern cities are  
often characterised by a multilingual and multicultural ecology, the  
question arises as to how this urban ecology shape, on the one hand,  
language-in-education policies and practices and, on the other, our  
thinking of policy and practice.

The discussion will be mainly grounded in the example of France, where  
?language management? (Spolsky, 2009) is overtly French monolingual  
while pupils? linguistic repertoire is increasingly multilingual. The  
French example will be used as a point of departure for a broader  
discussion of language policy and practice in urban education. Some of  
the questions discussed will include:

?	What are the recent language-in-education policy issues in urban  
France? And how can they be articulated with the wider issues observed  
in other urban educational contexts?
?	How do these issues contribute to the ongoing discussion about the  
relationship between policy and practice in the field of language  
policy research?
?	How are educational language policies and practices shaped by the  
multilingual and multicultural ecology of French cities? And cities  
more generally?

We invite contributions that engage with the main topic of this  
session. We especially welcome contributions adopting ethnographic  
and/or discourse analytic approaches to the study of language policy  
and practice in order to highlight ?the grass-roots nature of LPP  
[language planning and policy] as it is realised in everyday social  
practice? (McCarty, 2011: 5).

Dr. Florence Bonacina-Pugh (florencebonacina at gmail.com)
Professor Christine Helot (christine.helot at gmail.com)

Professor Teresa McCarty

31 january 2012

More info:

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The University of Edinburgh
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