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Dear Bill, dear all,

You will find similar examples in a paper written by F. Lichtenberk:
  Lichtenberk, Frantisek. 2000. Inclusory pronominals. Oceanic Linguistics
The language I know best, an Oceanic language called Mwotlap, also has developed similar constructions.
They are detailed on pp.384-392 and 477-481 of my PhD thesis on this language:
  François, Alexandre. 2001. Contraintes de structures et liberté dans l'organisation du discours: Une description du mwotlap, langue océanienne du Vanuatu. Doctoral dissertation, Université Paris-IV Sorbonne. 3 volumes. 
This thesis is available on-line from my page http://lacito.vjf.cnrs.fr/personnel/francois.htm.

Hope this is of some help for your study,


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  Sorry to bother the list with this inquiry:

  I seem to recall seeing an example of language with a construction of
  this type: 'Mary left-1PL' with the meaning 'Mary and I left'. Does
  anyone know of a language with this sort of construction, and can
  give me an example and/or a reference to a publication with such an

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