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Ann is right.
There are a number of ways of denying through the use of the
e.g. Ale-z skad (lit. but from where)
ale gdzie tam (but where)
Other interrogatives are used for the denial of other presuppositions.

On Mar 24, 2005, at 6:35 AM, Ann Lindvall wrote:

> I could not read all the contributions to this question, so maybe this
> has already been mentioned:
> Polish natives, please verify or correct me:
> If somebody gets a compliment in Polish and wants to protest mildly,
> he/she says flattered: Skad?
> Literally: From where? (Understood: ... did you get your justification
> for your compliment?)
> Could this be some kind of what you are asking for?
> Ann Lindvall
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