references on adpositional typology

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Dear Steven, 
You may find some relevant data in: 
Adpositions of Movement
Edited by Hubert Cuyckens, Walter De Mulder and Tanja Mortelmans 
K.U. Leuven / Universiteit Antwerpen

Belgian Journal of Linguistics <>  18 

Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2005. viii, 323 pp.

Table of contents

Part One - Syntactic Issues 
Hubert Cuyckens, Walter De Mulder and Tanja Mortelmans
The Layered Internal Structure of Spatial PPs <> 
Seiki Ayano
The Particularity of Particles, or Why They Are Not Just 'Intransitive Prepositions' <> 
Bert Cappelle
Some Observations on the Syntax of Adpositions of Movement <> 
Ludo Melis
Locative Complements of Verbs of Movement in Czech: Some Typical Structures and Their Interpretation <> 
Marta Ungermanová
Pronominal Adverbs Containing Adpositions of Direction in Dutch: Formation and Splitting <> 
Ingrid Van Canegem-Ardijns and William Van Belle
On 'Syntactic' versus 'Semantic' Telicity: Evidence from In and On <> 
Emma Thomas
Directionality and the Complementation of Dutch Adpositions <> 
Jesse Tseng
Part Two - Semantic Issues 
Catalan Adpositions of 'Movement' as Aspectual Particles: Cap (a) and Fins (a) <> 
Nuria Alturo
Vers and Contre: Two Ways of Expressing Spatial Direction in French <> 
Andrée Borillo
Rethinking English 'Prepositions of Movement': <> 

The Case of To and Through

Vyvyan Evans and Andrea Tyler
Polysemy in Basque Locational Cases <> 
Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano
Motion, Path, and Aspect: The Case of the German Path Adpositions Über and Durch <> 
Birgitta Meex

Another volume originating from the same conference, organized by 
by Hubert Cuyckens et al. (Leuven, January 2002) will be: 
"Variation and change in adpositions of movement", to appear in the series "Studies in Language Companion Series" (Amsterdam: Benjamins) [my paper is expected to appear in this volume as well]

Besides, another important book on adpositions, to appear very soon is: 
John Hewson and Vit Bubenik

>From Case to Adposition:

The development of configurational syntax in Indo-European languages

Current Issues in Linguistic Theory <>  280 

Amsterdam: Benjamins, 2006. xxx, 420 pp.
I hope this will help
all the best
Leonid Kulikov

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Dear Colleagues,
One of my students has expressed an interest in some good bibliographic references on the issues of adpositional typology -- prepositions vs. postpositions, etc.  Since this is an area where my own interest vastly outstrips my reliable knowledge, i'm looking for some suggestions from those with more knowledge & experience in this area.  I'm willing to post a summary, if it's desired.
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