affixal 'only'

Sat Jun 13 06:41:44 UTC 2009

Dear Peter,
Johan van der Auwera and I are carrying out a typological project on
'focus quantifiers', i.e. 'restrictive' operators like /only/ but also
'additive' ones like /also/ and /even/. Some of the results are stored in
a cross-linguistic database. The database is still at an early stage of
development, but it does contain some information on the type of operator
you inquired about. Affixal restrictive operators seem to be relatively
widespread among Australian languages and are found in Wardaman,
Ngiyambaa, Diyari, Nunggubuyu, Gurindji and Mayali, among other languages.
They are also found in some Mesoamerican languages, e.g. Mitla Zapotec.

You can find examples and references in the database. Here's the URL:

You go to 'Search FQs' and restrict your query in the following way:
Restrictive or additive: 'restrictive'
Morphological make-up: 'suffix'

This will give you a list of languages with operators of the relevant
type, plus links to glossed examples and references.


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