A-only agreement

J. Diego Quesada jquesad at UNA.AC.CR
Sat Sep 19 15:08:52 UTC 2009

In Teribe, a Chbchan language of Cpsta Rica and Panama, there is a set of person indexing suffixes that are used only with A's. There are three beasic word order patterns in the language, canonical SOV, inverse OVSdë, and OV-s, where -s stands for the person indexing suffix in absence of an overt subject NP. Only transitive verbs take this suffix; there is evidence that the process may be extending to a couple of intransitive verbs, but in general only A's are indexec by the suffixes. The language, however, does not follow an ergative-absolutive pattern.

Details in refereces below.

Quesada, J. Diego. (2009). A Grammar of Teribe. Munich: Lincom-Europa.

Quesada, J. Diego. (2007). The Chibchan Languages. Cartago: Ed. Tecnológica.

Prof. Dr. J. Diego Quesada 
Escuela de Literatura y Ciencias del Lenguaje 
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras 
Universidad Nacional 
3000 Heredia, COSTA RICA

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