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Dear Sergey,

    I am not certain if these are what you are looking for, but the
following book of mine discusses two verbal suffixes that may be relevant.

2011. A grammar of Warrongo (Mouton Grammar Library 53). Berlin and New
York: De Gruyter Mouton.

Please see the following pages:

(1) P. 300. -nda-Y 'repeatedly', 'plural actors'

(2) P. 562.  4.13. Iterative construction
This construction may express iterative ('repeatedly'), distributive ('here
and there'), continuous (including progressive), and habitual. The examples
(4-603) and (4-604) on p. 572 may be relevant to your search.

Best wishes,

Tasaku Tsunoda

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Dear colleagues,
Bert Kouwenberg in his huge book on the Akkadian verb (2010) notes that
“Verbal plurality or event plurality refers to a quantification of the event
or the process expressed by the verb, i.e., whether it refers to a single, a
repeated, a protracted, or a more intensive occurrence.”
In Akkadian, “verbal plurality” is rendered by two derived stems of the
verb, one of which does not seem to have any meaning other than plurality.
Do you know of any recent reference works on verbal plurality, or of
interesting case-studies outside Semitic (and Afrasian in general)?
Thank you very much,

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