[Lingtyp] Cross-linguistic studies on metaphors

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In this connection I recommend

Alverson, Hoyt. 1991.  Metaphor and Experience: Looking Over the Notion of Image Schema. In Fernandez, James (ed.) 1991 Beyond Metaphor : The Theory of Tropes in Anthropology.

Some of the other chapters in that volume may be of interest to you as well.


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Subject: [Lingtyp] Cross-linguistic studies on metaphors
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Dear friends and colleagues,
I am working on a paper for which I would like to / need to give a survey of serious cross-linguistic studies that test some of the suggested conceptual metaphors. What interests me is systematicity in testing and/or counter-evidence against the allegedly universal connections. Some of the things that spring to my mind are Martin Haspelmath's 1997 book "From space to time", a series of studies on the connection between perception and cognition (primarily, Evans / Wilkins and Vanhove contesting Sweetser's generalizations on "Seeing as understanding"), and Stolz/Stroh/Urdze on "Instruments as companions".

I would be extremely grateful for any other directions / studies along similar lines.

Warmest regards,
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