[Lingtyp] Past and counterfactuality

Kilu von Prince watasenia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 23:31:38 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

for those of you familiar with a language that uses the same TAM marker to
express a reference to the past and to counterfactual events (as in "If I
had wings, I would fly") I would be interested in any feedback and pointers
to published literature containing the following information:

* Can the same marker also be used in certain environments to refer to the
possible future (for example in the protasis of conditionals such as "If it
rains tomorrow, we won't go")

* Can the same marker be used in counterfactual conditionals about the past
(as in "If it had rained yesterday, we would have gone")

* Does this marker play a role in false-belief reports (as in "she thought
he were/ was dead (when he really wasn't)")?

* Does it obligatorily occur in counterfactual wishes ("I wish I had

I'm interested both in positive and negative information and would like to
hear from you even if only some of the above questions can be answered.
I'll be more than happy to cite your work and credit you as the source of
the information you provide.

All the best from balmy Vanuatu,
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