[Lingtyp] Verbs of success with dative subject

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ِIn Urdu, for a person to be successful in doing something can be expressed as:
X-ko                  Y-me~        kaamyaabii huiiX (person)-DAT Y(effort)-in success      becameY was successful in (doing) Y.
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Dear Spike,

I could not find the discussion or the answers to your question in the  
list, maybe this is a repetition: there is the German verbal  
expression "mir (Dat.) gelingt etwas", i.e. I am successful in (doing)  


Zitat von Spike Gildea <spike at uoregon.edu>:

> Dear colleagues,
> I forward a query from my colleague, Jóhanna Barðdal, who is looking  
> for examples of predicates of "success” with non canonical subject  
> marking, in particular those that take a dative subject.
> We are working on Indo-European verbs/predicates with the meanings  
> 'succeed', 'be successful', 'make progress', 'turn out well', 'go  
> well'. The last one in the sense "he is doing well in his dance  
> class" or even "he is doing well in life”.
> Thank you in advance for indications of other places in the world  
> where we might find such predicates taking a dative subject!
> Best,
> Spike

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