[Lingtyp] Verbs of success with dative subject

Ilja Seržant ilja.serzants at uni-leipzig.de
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Dear all,

I apologize for a side remark. But do we call any kind of argumental and 
non-argumental animate (experiencer) dative NP a non-canonical 
*subject*? :-) Does it really make sense to use the notion of subject 
that way? Woudn't be a term like "dative experiencer" or 
"dative/recipient-like experiencer" be more adequate for a 
cross-linguistic comparison?



Am 21.12.2018 um 17:00 schrieb Spike Gildea:
> Dear colleagues,
> I forward a query from my colleague, Jóhanna Barðdal, who is looking 
> for examples of predicates of "success” with non canonical subject 
> marking, in particular those that take a dative subject.
>> We are working on Indo-European verbs/predicates with the meanings 
>> 'succeed', 'be successful', 'make progress', 'turn out well', 'go 
>> well'. The last one in the sense "he is doing well in his dance 
>> class" or even "he is doing well in life”.
> Thank you in advance for indications of other places in the world 
> where we might find such predicates taking a dative subject!
> Best,
> Spike
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