[Lingtyp] Integration of postposed vowel-initial vs consonant-initial morphemes

Hiroto Uchihara uchihara at buffalo.edu
Thu Aug 27 00:29:08 UTC 2020

Dear all,

I'm aware of the asymmetry between the preposed and postposed morphemes in
terms of their integration into the prosodic constituent with the stem
(Himmelman 2014; Asao 2015), but is anyone aware of the difference in the
level of integration between the vowel-initial vs consonant-initial
postposed morphemes (suffixes or enclitics)?

I have been observing that this might be the case in a couple of languages,
including Teotitlán Zapotec and Alcozauca Mixtec. For instance in Teotitlán
Zapotec, vowel-initial enclitics are clearly within the domain of
syllabification, while consonant-initial enclitics are not. In Alcozauca
Mixtec, it might be the case that vowel-initial enclitics are incorporated
into the prosodic word, while consonant-initial enclitics are not. Is this
something commonly reported in the literature?

I would appreciate any insights.

Best regards,

Asao, Yoshihiko. 2015. *Left-Right Asymmetries in Words: A Processing-Based
Account*. Ph.D. dissertation, SUNY Buffalo
Himmelmann, Nikolaus. 2014. Asymmetries in the prosodic phrasing of
function words: Another look at the suffixing preference. *Language* 90(4).
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