[Lingtyp] Double marking of the goal argument

Daniel Hieber hieber at ualberta.ca
Mon Aug 23 19:13:37 UTC 2021

Hi Farhad,

This is fairly common in Chitimacha, an isolate of Louisiana:

we  qaxandank   hup hi  cuug      qooksnicuk
we  qaxanda*=nk*  *hup* hi  cuw-k     qooksne-cu-k
DET old.man*=ABS* *to*  AND go(SG)-SS steal-IRR(SG)-1SG.AGT
I'll go to the old man and I'll steal it.
(Swadesh 1939: A5b.3)

we  xux  tuqunk   hup hi  quyminaqax                 qamin     ne   qami
we  xux  tuqu*=nk*  *hup* hi  quy-ma-naqa=x              qamin     ne
 qam-i         gan
DET tree hole*=ABS* *to*  AND arrive(PL)-PLACT-NF.PL=TOP something even
when they reached the tree hollow [he] saw nothing
(Swadesh 1939: A30f.4)

As Peter mentioned, this occurs with non-motion verbs as well:

hus kicank   hup hi  teetiqi, [...]
hus kica*=nk*  *hup* hi  teet-iqi
3SG wife*=ABS* *to  *AND say-NF.SG
he said to his wife, [...]
(Swadesh 1939: A15a.7)

Also to Peter's point, Chitimacha's grammatical relations system has been
strongly influenced by contact (Hieber 2019a, b).



   - Hieber, Daniel W. 2019a. The Chitimacha language: A history. In
   Nathalie Dajko & Shana Walton (eds.), *Language in Louisiana: Community
   & culture* (America’s Third Coast Series), pp. 9–27. University Press of
   Mississippi. (available here
   - Hieber, Daniel W. 2019b. Object subject marking in Chitimacha. Talk
   presented at the 55th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society,
   May 16–18, 2019. (slides available here

1     first person
3     third person
ABS   absolutive
AGT   agent (vs. patient)
AND   andative (lexical preverb)
DET   determiner
IRR   irrealis
NEG   negative
NF    non-first person
PL    plural
PLACT pluractional
SG    singular
SS    same-subject (vs. different-subject)
TOP   topic

On Mon, 23 Aug 2021 at 07:52, Farhad Moezzipour <fmp59i at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Is anyone aware of a language where the goal in a motion event is doubly
> marked? This happens in colloquial Persian:
> (1) *Ta     xune=ro          tu  20  *dæqiqe* dæv-id-æm*.
>       until  house=POSP in  20  minute  run-PST-1SG
>       'I ran the distance to the house in 20 minutes.'
> The goal is marked once by the preposition and once with the postposition
> RA, which is basically an object maker in Modern Persian. The given example
> is also possible without RA, as in (2).
> (2) *Ta     xune    20  *dæqiqe* dæv-id-æm*.
>       until  house  20  minute  run-PST-1SG
>       'I ran toward the house for 20 minutes.'
> Regards,
> Farhad
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