[Lingtyp] terminological question about local cases/adpositions

Christian Lehmann christian.lehmann at uni-erfurt.de
Wed Mar 24 16:06:57 UTC 2021

 From your description, these things look more like adverbs. Adverbs may 
combine a semantic component corresponding to a region with a semantic 
component corresponding to a local relation, like /down-wards/ or 
Am 24.03.21 um 16:54 schrieb Jess Tauber:
> Yahgan (genetic isolate, Tierra del Fuego, now critically endangered 
> (1 elderly speaker remaining) had a system of spatial/locational terms 
> that I hadn't thought of as case-like until reading the earlier posts 
> here. i:la 'position outside/southward', i:lu: 'direction 
> outside/southward'; inna 'position up/westward'., i:nu: 'direction 
> up/westward'; i:ta 'position eastward/down', i:tu: 'direction 
> east/down', and so on. These roots can then be extensively derived and 
> also incorporate nominal elements following the.  root. But normal 
> object case forms are suffixed to the referent, including simple 
> locative -n, ablative -(n)daul(um) and allative -u:pai. So was this 
> larger geographically-based system a case system in development at the 
> time of European contact, or something else? A separate system using 
> non-cognate morphemes was prefixed to verbs to indicate direction.
> Jess Tauber

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