[Lingtyp] morphological borrowings apart from lexical ones

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Dear Sergey,
I don't know whether the following case is a morphological borrowing in the
sense you mean:
Mexican Span. has *cantába-nos* "we were singing" with -*nos (= *Pro.1st pl
*.) *instead of *cantába-mos (= *the regular derivation from Lat.*
cantabamus )*
This is an example  of pronouns (that belong to language morphology)
becoming inflectional markers.
Cp. Jezek / Ramat,  'On parts-of-speech transcategorization', "Folia
Linguist." 45/2009,p. 396ff. (with further examples)


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Il giorno mer 13 ott 2021 alle ore 15:52 Sergey Loesov <
sergeloesov at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Dear colleagues,
> Have you ever thought of morphological borrowings (especially of nominal
> plural suffixes) that happened independently of massive lexical borrowings
> from the source language?
> I am thinking of a situation wherein a plural nominal suffix was
> admittedly borrowed  from Akkadian into a variety of Aramaic (a sister
> language of Akkadian), while this variety of Aramaic does not have a
> sizeable amount of outspoken lexical Akkadisms.
> Have you ever seen this kind of evidence in better understood and/or
> living languages?
> Thank you
> Sergey
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