[Lingtyp] morphological borrowings apart from lexical ones

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Dear Colleague,


    I think Heath (1978) is a brilliant study of massive borrowing of grammatical morphemes. You may find relevant information in this book.


Heath, Jeffrey. 1978. Linguistic diffusion in Arnhem Land. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies.


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Tasaku Tsunoda



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件名: [Lingtyp] morphological borrowings apart from lexical ones


Dear colleagues,

Have you ever thought of morphological borrowings (especially of nominal plural suffixes) that happened independently of massive lexical borrowings from the source language?  

I am thinking of a situation wherein a plural nominal suffix was admittedly borrowed  from Akkadian into a variety of Aramaic (a sister language of Akkadian), while this variety of Aramaic does not have a sizeable amount of outspoken lexical Akkadisms. 


Have you ever seen this kind of evidence in better understood and/or living languages?


Thank you


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