[Lingtyp] morphological borrowings apart from lexical ones

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Dear Sergey,

There are numerous instances of this in South Asian languages (Munda, Tibeto-Burman) that have replicated the Indo-Aryan relative-correlative construction (RCC) as a result of language contact. Dravidian, Munda and Tibeto-Burman languages lack a native class of relative pronouns, so some fill this gap in the replicated RCCs by co-opting their interrogative pronouns for this function, but a others borrow the relative pronouns from Indo-Aryan languages in contact. This can occur in the absence of significant lexical borrowing.

See this preliminary investigation for examples: http://hdl.handle.net/2433/235269

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Subject: [Lingtyp] morphological borrowings apart from lexical ones

Dear colleagues,
Have you ever thought of morphological borrowings (especially of nominal plural suffixes) that happened independently of massive lexical borrowings from the source language?
I am thinking of a situation wherein a plural nominal suffix was admittedly borrowed  from Akkadian into a variety of Aramaic (a sister language of Akkadian), while this variety of Aramaic does not have a sizeable amount of outspoken lexical Akkadisms.

Have you ever seen this kind of evidence in better understood and/or living languages?

Thank you

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