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The Gamilaraay language, traditionally spoken in northern New South Wales,
has a particle giirr or giirru that appears in sentence-initial position to
indicate that the proposition expressed by the following words is true,
e.g. giirr ngaya Gamilaraay guwaaldanha 'I truly/really am speaking
Gamilaraay'. It can be used by itself as an interjection to express '(That
is) true.'

If you want references or more examples email me.


On Thu, 21 Oct 2021, 12:49 Riccardo Giomi, <rgiomi at campus.ul.pt> wrote:

> ...And then of course you have the rhetorical/discourse-marker use of
> ablative *vero* in Latin to mean 'in particular, specifically, that is',
> etc.. This survives in the Italian form *ovvero*, which I would assume
> derives from agglutination of the disjunctive preposition/conjunction *o*
> ('or') + *vero* ('true').
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> R
> Carl Whitehead <carlrwhitehead at gmail.com> escreveu no dia quinta,
> 21/10/2021 à(s) 06:52:
>> In Menya (Angan sub-family, Trans New Guinea family in Papua New Guinea),
>> the expression for ‘true’ (often used as a response to a question or a
>> affirmation of agreement and also as an adjective or noun) is *naq**ä**
>> qaku**ä*,  where *naq**ä* is ‘big’ and *qaku**ä* is ‘stump, base of a
>> tree’ or ‘basis, reason’. In church circles, the expression is also used
>> at the end of prayers as ‘amen.’
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>> Hi,
>> My student, Shirly Orr, and I are interested in truth markers, such as
>> *true*, *real, right*.
>> Are they frequently attested in natural languages?
>> We're interested in etymological sources for them, as well as meanings
>> they evolve to express.
>> Any leads on literature we can dig up?
>> Thanks,
>> Mira Ariel
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