[Lingtyp] Negation marks adverbial clauses

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Wed Jan 12 11:38:31 UTC 2022

> =’until’: seems to be very restricted areally, mainly Eastern Europe &
> Caucasus and South Asia (Indo-Aryan and Indo-sphere Sino-Tibetan), but also
> Paumarí (maybe due to influence from Portuguese *enquanto...não* ?). In
> Eastern Europe and in Indo-Aryan, this seems to be a parallel rather recent
> development (i.e. not going back to Indo-European). An interesting question
> is how the possible areal relationship between modern Indo-Aryan and
> Indo-sphere Sino-Tibetan looks like: “as long as not” for ‘until’ is very
> common in some Sino-Tibetan languages. I think it is an interesting
> question as to what extent this may be due to contact with modern
> Indo-Aryan languages.

In the Sino-Tibetan family, expletive negation in "until" clauses is not
restricted to languages under Indo-Aryan influence, it is also found for
instance in Gyalrongic, see (A grammar of Japhug | Language Science Press
(langsci-press.org) <https://langsci-press.org/catalog/book/295>,
§, p.1400.

Guillaume Jacques

Directeur de recherches
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