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Which languages do you have in mind where "numerals have the same 
distribution as quantifiers like 'some' or 'many'"?

Within most languages, the class of quantifiers, as defined 
semantically, exhibits great internal diversity in terms of 
morphosyntactic behaviour.  In particular, not only do numerals behave 
differently from non-numeral quantifiers, and different non-numeral 
quantifiers behave differently from each other, but also different 
numerals often behave differently from one another.

Moreover, as Andi suggests, different numerals and/or non-numerical 
quantifiers may pattern together with different word classes.  For 
example, a cross-linguistically recurring pattern is for lower numerals 
to be more adjective-like and higher numerals to be more noun-like.


On 04/03/2022 13:35, Christian Lehmann wrote:
> In some languages, numerals have the same distribution as quantifiers 
> like 'some' or 'many'. From a functional point of view, too, for 
> instance in view of the approximative numerals discussed last week, it 
> makes sense to subsume the use of numerals under quantification. Then 
> one might subdivide the field of quantification roughly as follows:
>  1. Numeral quantification: 'one', 'two' ...
>  2. Non-numeral quantification
>      1. Universal: 'all', 'every'
>      2. Existential: 'some'
>      3. Sizing: 'many', 'several', '(a) few', ....
> Two questions:
>   * Has anything concerning such a classification been published which
>     I should know?
>   * To the extent that the above is reasonable: Any suggestions for a
>     better terminology?
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