[Lingtyp] An ideophone for cough?

David Gil gil at shh.mpg.de
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Dear all,

Not exactly ideophones or coughing, but English has "harrumph" and 
"ahem" to denote a sort of fake cough intentionally produced to express 
disapproval and/or draw attention.  (The two actually seem to differ in 
their status: whereas the former is kind of a regular verb, I don't 
think I've ever heard "ahem" pronounced — it seems to exist only in 
written form.)

Do other languages have similar forms?


On 11/03/2022 11:58, Raffaele Simone wrote:
> Dear all,
> working on a paper on ideophones and their place in grammar and 
> lexicon I happened to wonder how things are concerning cough.
> Romance languages and other which I am familiar with do not seem to 
> have a standard ideophone for it and even less a stable an accepted 
> written version of it.
> Do you know languages that have an ideophone for cough and even more a 
> way of indicating it in writing?
> Thanks,
> Raffaele
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