[Lingtyp] An ideophone for cough?

Yen-Ting Lin yentingl at buffalo.edu
Sat Mar 19 02:43:50 UTC 2022

Hi Raffaele,

In Taiwanese Min Nan, we said *khuh-khuh-sàu *to refer to non-stop cough.
The first repetitive part is the onomatopoeia form for continuous coughing
and the last is the morpheme for cough.


On Fri, Mar 11, 2022 at 6:00 PM Raffaele Simone <rsimone at os.uniroma3.it>

> Dear all,
> working on a paper on ideophones and their place in grammar and lexicon I
> happened to wonder how things are concerning cough.
> Romance languages and other which I am familiar with do not seem to have a
> standard ideophone for it and even less a stable an accepted written
> version of it.
> Do you know languages that have an ideophone for cough and even more a way
> of indicating it in writing?
> Thanks,
> Raffaele
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