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Dear Liz, dear all,

the Hungarian suffix -nként is known by the name "distributive", and so is the Estonian derivational suffix -ti (and its Finnish cognate -ttain/-ttäin). These adverb suffixes in Uralic are sometimes borderline cases between case inflection and derivation, and Jussi Ylikoski has discussed this Estonian "dwarf case" in a few articles, see e.g. http://jultika.oulu.fi/files/nbnfi-fe202002125279.pdf .

Perhaps it's just because I have been socialized with a different terminology, but I don't see these suffixes as primarily expressing "pluractionality" or "increment" or "increase". In my view, the point is "division" rather than "addition". The typical context for these adverbs is not "something increases for every X" but rather "there is one Y for each X", "Y is divided between all the X's".

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> Elizabeth Coppock <eecoppock at gmail.com> kirjoitti 23.05.2022 kello 19.58:
> Dear all,
> I am working on compiling a list of lexical items (words, affixes, or constructions) that take a noun and produce an adverb that expresses a frequency, rate, or tempo. Examples include:
> - English -ly as in "daily", "monthly" (which seems to be limited to a small set of time expressions in the relevant usage; *He gave a playly breakdown of the game.)
> - The English "X-by-X" construction, as in "day by day", "brick by brick" (instances of which have been described as "pluractional adverbials")
> - Hungarian -nként as in "naponként" 'daily', "hektaronként" 'by hectare"
> - Reduplicated nouns in Hebrew as in "yom yom" 'day [by] day', or "mizvada mizvada 'suitcase [by] suitcase' (Gil 1995)
> What I'm looking for could be described as "items that create pluractional adverbials when combined with a noun", where the noun specifies some increment at which the event type in question takes place. Googling "pluractional adverbials" does not produce a lot of results outside of English, so I wonder if there is a better term to search by.
> (Pluractionality markers that go on verbs and reduplicated numerals would not fit the description, but a lot of reduplicated nouns probably would.)
> Any and all leads would be most appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
> Cheers,
> Liz Coppock
> Department of Linguistics
> Boston University
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