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Latin:        prima/ primus
Sanskrit:   para-ma/ pratha-ma  (the highest/ the first)
Pali:          para-ma/ paṭha-ma

Latin:        optima/ optimus
Pali - Sanskrit:  utta-ra 'higher, upper'   utta-ma 'the highest'
                          adha-ra 'lower'             adha-ma 'the lowest'
                          apa-ra/ ava-ra  'lower'  ava-ma 'the lowest'

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On Thu, 26 May 2022 at 12:54, Nigel Vincent <nigel.vincent at manchester.ac.uk>

> Dear All,
> In the Romance and Germanic languages I'm familiar with the words meaning
> 'before' and 'after' often have etymologies which involve a comparative or
> superlative suffix - e.g. the -*ter *in *after* or Italian *prima *'before'
> from the Latin word for 'first' and with the same suffix as *optimus *'best'.
> I'd be grateful for:
>  a) similar examples from other languages
>  b) any references to literature where this general pattern is discussed.
> Thanks in advance.
> Nigel
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