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In Yahgan, a newly extinct genetic isolate from Tierra del Fuego (which
I've studied now for nearly a quarter century), temporal 'before' is
yinun and  'after' is yellun. yinun appears to be derived from yvn (v
schwa) meaning 'at first, in the beginning', where ya- itself is a verbal
prefix meaning 'to start to X (but not finish)' plus suffix -n, which is a
spatiotemporal locative. yellun, on the other hand, appears to be based on
yella, meaning 'to leave' (as behind, deposit) plus the spatiotemporal -n.

There does seem to be evidence for use of the comparative wuru: (colon
marks tenseness of the vowel which precedes it) with etymological ya- in
the word ya:ru:, meaning 'new, young, fresh'. Superlative wvshat (the /r/
devoices and fricativizes) doesn't appear to be involved SFAIK. But it
might be possible that in a roundabout way we can use chilla (ch as in
English church) 'more, again, repeatedly' and relate that to yella (which
might be etymologically connected) to derive yellun 'after'.

Jess Tauber

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> Dear All,
> In the Romance and Germanic languages I'm familiar with the words meaning
> 'before' and 'after' often have etymologies which involve a comparative or
> superlative suffix - e.g. the -*ter *in *after* or Italian *prima *'before'
> from the Latin word for 'first' and with the same suffix as *optimus *'best'.
> I'd be grateful for:
>  a) similar examples from other languages
>  b) any references to literature where this general pattern is discussed.
> Thanks in advance.
> Nigel
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