[Lingtyp] QUERY: lexical expressions for 'lie', 'truth', 'deception' etc. in various languages and cultures

Christian Lehmann christian.lehmann at uni-erfurt.de
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One semantic parameter relevant in structuring this lexical field might 
be the seriousness of the case, or maybe the earnestness of the 
speaker/evaluator. One of the German near-synonyms of /lügen/ is 
/flunkern/ - typically /ein bisschen flunkern/. You would not use it to 
designate Putin's assertions concerning the invasion into Ukraine. Nor 
could it figure in the ninth commandment. On the other hand, it seems 
noteworthy that this commandment does not say "You shall not lie." 
Instead, it says “You shall not bear false witness against your 
neighbor.” In my understanding, this is a special, particularly serious 
case of lying.


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