[Lingtyp] sources: p-word inside and smaller than g-word

Adam James Ross Tallman ajrtallman at utexas.edu
Mon Mar 27 13:20:36 UTC 2023

Hey all,

I'm trying to gather sources on cases where researchers specifically
discuss elements or constructions whereby a p-word is inside a g-word.

( ... (...)p_word ... )gword

Woodbury calls these "unclitics" and Zúñiga calls these "anticlitics".
Another well known article by Bickel et al. argues that prefixes in
Chintang can be regarded as p-words.

Anyone have any recent studies to share on this? I'd be interested. I'm
specifically interested in researchers that take the time to explain why
their g-word in such cases should not be considered a phrase (a
"g-phrase"?). A related issue is why the p-word should not be considered a
p-stem or a smaller prosodic constituent à la Downing inter alia.


p.s. not interested in having a debate about whether these things are real,
just looking for sources. If you want to discuss whether such constructions
"exist" or whatever, I would appreciate it if you started this on a
different email chain.


Zúñiga, F.
(Anti)-cliticization in Mapudungun
*Morphology, **2014*, 161-175
Bickel, B.; Banjade, G.; Gaenszle, M.; Lieven, E.; Paudyal, N. P.; Rai, I.
P.; Rai, M.; Rai, N. K. & Stoll, S.
Free Prefix Ordering in Chintang
*Language, **2007**, 83*, 42-73
Woodbury, A.C.
Atkan Aleut "unclitic" pronouns and definiteness: A multimodular analysis
Pragmatics and Autolexical Grammar in honor of Jerry Sadock, Benjamins,
2011, 125-141
Downing, L. J. & Kadenge, M.
Re-placing PStem in the prosodic hierarchy The Linguistic Review, 2020, 3,
Adam J.R. Tallman
Post-doctoral Researcher
Friedrich Schiller Universität
Department of English Studies
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