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Dear Adam, all,

In my analysis of Riau Indonesian (Gil 2020), I discuss interlocking 
constituencies of "P-Words" and "G-words", including cases (p. 66 and 
elsewhere) which, adapting your notation, might be represented as

(1) [ ... (...]p_word ... )g_word

where square brackets and parentheses represent "P-Words" and "G-words" 

As for the case you're interested in, that which you represent as

(2) ( ... (...)p_word ... )g_word

with P-Words wholly contained within G-words, I do not discuss this 
explicitly in Gil (2020) for the sole reason that it did not seem to me 
to be remarkable.Under the analysis proposed in Gil (2020), the 
structure in (2) is associated with reduplicated or compound forms such 
as /rumah-rumah /(DISTR~house), which, in accordance with your notation, 
would have the structure

(3) ((rumah)p_word (rumah)p_word)g_word

with P-Words wholly contained within G-words.  For arguments that 
/rumah-rumah/ is an instance of morphological reduplication rather than 
syntactic repetition, see Gil (2005).

Final comment: in terms of Martin Haspelmath's distinction between 
descriptive categories and comparative concepts, my proposed "P-Words" 
and "G-words" in Riau Indonesian are instances of descriptive 
categories, whose relationship to the comparative concepts of p-words 
and g-words is hinted at but left open in Gil (2020).

Gil, David (2005) "From Repetition to Reduplication in Riau Indonesian", 
in B. Hurch ed. /Studies on Reduplication/, Empirical Approaches to 
Language Typology 28, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, 31-64.

Gil, David (2020) "What Does It Mean to Be an Isolating Language? The 
Case of Riau Indonesian", in D. Gil and A. Schapper eds., /Austronesian 
Undressed: How and Why Languages Become Isolating/, John Benjamins, 
Amsterdam, 9-96.


On 27/03/2023 16:20, Adam James Ross Tallman wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm trying to gather sources on cases where researchers specifically 
> discuss elements or constructions whereby a p-word is inside a g-word.
> ( ... (...)p_word ... )gword
> Woodbury calls these "unclitics" and Zúñiga calls these "anticlitics". 
> Another well known article by Bickel et al. argues that prefixes in 
> Chintang can be regarded as p-words.
> Anyone have any recent studies to share on this? I'd be interested. 
> I'm specifically interested in researchers that take the time to 
> explain why their g-word in such cases should not be considered a 
> phrase (a "g-phrase"?). A related issue is why the p-word should not 
> be considered a p-stem or a smaller prosodic constituent à la Downing 
> inter alia.
> best,
> p.s. not interested in having a debate about whether these things are 
> real, just looking for sources. If you want to discuss whether such 
> constructions "exist" or whatever, I would appreciate it if you 
> started this on a different email chain.
> Adam
> Zúñiga, F.
> (Anti)-cliticization in Mapudungun
> /Morphology,/*2014*, 161-175
> Bickel, B.; Banjade, G.; Gaenszle, M.; Lieven, E.; Paudyal, N. P.; 
> Rai, I. P.; Rai, M.; Rai, N. K. & Stoll, S.
> Free Prefix Ordering in Chintang
> /Language,/*2007*/, 83/, 42-73
> Woodbury, A.C.
> Atkan Aleut "unclitic" pronouns and definiteness: A multimodular 
> analysis Pragmatics and Autolexical Grammar in honor of Jerry Sadock, 
> Benjamins, 2011, 125-141
> Downing, L. J. & Kadenge, M.
> Re-placing PStem in the prosodic hierarchy The Linguistic Review, 
> 2020, 3, 433-461
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> Department of English Studies
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