[Lingtyp] Voiced aspirated vs. breathy voiced consonants

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Hi Ian,

The short answer is no, but with some nuance. Voiced aspirated consonants have a voiced  high airflow period after the constriction is released.
These may often be also described as breathy voiced in some sources. However, breathy voiced consonants also occur in which the breathiness
is essentially manifested during the constriction of the consonant with maybe a brief spillover and/or anticipation in an adjoining vowel. These
are not phonetically equivalent to voiced aspirates. I don’t know of a languages that contrasts both types, so deciding if they are phonologically
equivalent would depend on looking at other factors, such as distributional tendencies or co-occurrence patterns. 


> On Mar 28, 2023, at 04:39, Ian Joo <ian_joo at nucba.ac.jp> wrote:
> Dear typologists,
> Is there any meaningful distinction between voiced aspirated (e.g. /bʰ/) and breathy voiced (e.g. /b̤/) consonants, phonetically or phonologically?
> In other words, is it safe to say bʰ = bʱ = b̤?
> From Netherlands,
> Ian
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