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***********************1999 Linguistic Institute************************

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is proud to announce
that it will host the 1999 Linguistic Institute, co-sponsored by the LSA, ACL
and AAAI.  The Institute will be held this summer from June 21 - July 30.
Students, postdocs, faculty and non-academics who are interested in
linguistics are invited to attend.

We have an excellent faculty of over 80 of the top linguists in the world.
Classes will be offered in the areas of

   Intro to Computational Linguistics: Dan Jurafsky
   Computational Models of Spoken Language: Stephen Levinson
   Connectionist Models of Language Processing: Jeff Elman
   Corpus Linguistics: Michael Barlow
   The Lexicon in Computational Linguistics: Ann Copestake
   Machine Translation: Martin Kay
   Computational Linguistics and User Interfaces: Jerry Morgan
   Grammar Development in Constraint-Based Grammar Formalisms: Erhard Hinrichs

   The Architecture of the Language Faculty: Ray Jackendoff
   The Syntax-Phonology Interface: David Odden
   The Architecture of Morphology: Arnold Zwicky
   Construction-Based Approaches to Grammar: Adele Goldberg
   Morphosyntax in LFG/OT: Joan Bresnan and Rachel Nordlinger
   Wh-Constructions: Ivan Sag and Gert Webelhuth
   Situation Semantics for Constraint-Based Grammar: Shalom Lappin and
                                                     Carl Pollard
   The Syntax-Discourse Interace: Ellen Prince
   The Psycholinguistics of Sentence Comprehension: Susan Garnsey
   Current Issues in Language Production: Kathryn Bock and Gary Dell

And many additional courses in the areas of:
 Field Methods
 Semantic and Pragmatics
 Phonology and Phonetics
 Historical and Indo-European Linguistics
 Sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition
 African Linguistics
 Japanese Linguistics
 Korean Linguistics
 Native American Linguistics
 Semitic Linguistics
 South Asian Linguistics

Satelite Workshops and Conferences include:
   Symposium on Computational Linguistics; Metaphor; Constructions;
   Theories of Categorization and the Acquisition of Phonology....

Tuition for students is US $1,300 for 6-weeks, or US $1,000 for 4-weeks or
less.  Affiliates (linguistics who already hold PhDs) should register
with the LSA;  6-week affiliate fee is $1035 or $835 for 4-weeks or less.
(Affiliate fees are used to sponsor LSA student fellowships).

For more information and applications  please visit our website at

We hope to see you this summer!

Adele Goldberg
Director, 1999 Linguistic Institute

1999 Linguistic Institute, Department of Linguistics
University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
4088 FLB
707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL  61801
tel (217) 333-1563  e-mail linginst at

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