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Position as Senior Lecturer in Computational Linguistics
Uppsala University, Sweden

at the Department of Linguistics

Duties: Instruction, research, and administration. The
department runs a large and growing four-year training
programme in Language Engineering, STP. Currently a hundred
students are enrolled on the programme. The duty of the
lecturer will, primarily, be allocated to STP. It is
envisaged that he/she will be the director of undergraduate
studies. Research in computational linguistics at the
department has several focal points, among them machine
translation, corpus linguistics, computational lexicography,
language checking, machine-learning, computational
semantics, computer-assisted language learning, applications
of finite-state techniques, and word prediction. The
commercial aspects of language engineering are being
explored and developed in several ways.

Eligibility: According to Chapter 4, Section 7 of the Higher
Education Ordinance, the eligibility criteria for employment
as the senior lecturer are scholarly competence and teaching
skill. Further, the Uppsala University Appointment Policy
stipulates that applicants possess the required abilities
for the post.

To be eligible for the post the applicants should have a PhD
degree or be able to certify scientific competence at an
equivalent level. The applicant must certify his/her
competence in providing quality instruction in Swedish or
English in some of the following sub-areas of language
engineering including applications: mathematical
linguistics, logic, logic programming, language statistics,
algorithms and data structures; computational linguistics
directed towards morphology, lexicography, syntax,
semantics, discourse, corpus linguistics, and speech
technology. An applicant who does not know Swedish will be
expected to learn it within three years of starting

The senior lecturer will be given full professorship if
he/she so requires and qualifies for it.

Ranking: Ranking of applicants for the above position will
be based on the respective degree of competence in the areas
required. In addition, consideration will be given to the
degree of administrative competence and other skills of
importance to the subject content and duties of the
position. Moreover, attention will be paid to the
applicants´ skills in developing and leading activities and
personnel and the applicants´ ability to co-operate with the
surrounding community and to inform the public about
research and developmental work, including their general
capacity for collaboration.

When appointing the senior lecturer, weight will be given
equally to scholarly competence and teaching skill. Teaching
skill will be assessed to the same rigid degree as that
applied to research achievements. In assessing teaching
competence, attention will be paid to past experience in
planning, executing, and evaluating teaching and in
individual supervision and examining.

The bredth in the scientific profile and experience of
commercial language engineering will be highly valued in the
ranking process.

Information: Information regarding the position is available
from the Head of Department, Professor Anna Sågvall Hein,
Tel +46 18 471 1412, e-mail: anna at

The application should include the following:

    1.Signed and witnessed curriculum vitae with copies of
degrees obtained and other relevant documents (3 copies)

    2.A short account of scientific and teaching experience
(3 copies)

    3.List of scientific and pedagogic publications (3

    4.Publications indicated in item 3 (2 copies)

Application should be made to Uppsala University and sent to
the Registrar, UFV-PA 2001/999, Box 256, SE-751 05 Uppsala,
Sweden, fax +46 18 471 2000, by April 9, 2001. If
application is submitted via fax, it must be followed by
original documents as soon as possible. The position is to
be taken up on August 15, 2001, if possible.

Version in Swedish:

Mats Dahllöf,
Inst. f. lingvistik, Uppsala universitet,
Box 527, 751 20 UPPSALA. [Språkvetenskapligt centrum, SVC]
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