Soft: morphological-semantical parser for English compound participles

alexis nasr alexis.nasr at
Wed Mar 21 18:00:13 UTC 2001

A prototype morphological-semantical parser for English compound participles
is now available at

Any comments, criticisms, suggestions for improvements, etc. are most
welcome, esp. from native English speakers.


CP-Parser 2 (CP2) parses English NP constructions of the following syntax:

NP ::= <prefix> + ?-? + <participle> + ? ? + <head>
Prefix ::= <noun> | <adj> | <adv> | <prep> | <LBM>
Participle ::= <present participle> | <past participle>
Head ::= <noun>

where LBM = lexical, bound morpheme.

CP2 includes approx. 100 present and 100 past participle examples, which
were extracted from the British National Corpus (BNC), using the Corpus
Query Processor (CQP) tool © IMS, Stuttgart University.

The BNC data provides the core of CP2?s lexicon, which was formatted by
means of the WordSmith application. The word lists were then tagged and
lemmatized by Conexor?s web tagger at Finally, information
concerning valency, semantic selectional restrictions and semantic
categorization was added manually.

The morphological-semantical parsing algorithm builds on the principles set
out at - further documentation is forthcoming.

Mange Hilsener

Jens Ahlmann Hansen

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DK-5672 Broby

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