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19th International Conference on Application of Natural Language to
Information Systems

18-20 June 2014 - Montpellier, France



Since 1995, the NLDB conference aims at bringing together researcher,
industrials and potential users interested in various application of
Natural Language in the Database and Information Systems field. The
integration of databases and natural language has been an utopia for
many years. However, progress has been made and this is now an
established field thanks to developments in Natural Language and
technologies that made the storage and manipulation of large electronic
dictionaries possible. As Information Systems are now evolving into the
communication area, the term databases should be considered in the
broader sense of information and communication systems. The use of
Natural Language in Software Engineering has contributed to both
improving the development process from the viewpoints of developers
(improve the process of conceptual modeling, validation, etc) and the
usability of applications by users (natural language query interfaces,
semantic webs, etc).

NLDB'2014 will take place in Montpellier (France). The conference
invites researchers from academia and industry to submit papers for oral
or poster presentations on recent, unpublished research that addresses
theoretical aspects, algorithms, applications, architectures for applied
and integrated NLP, resources for applied NLP, and other aspects of NLP,
as well as review and discussion papers.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

- Applications of NLP in Information Systems: Multilingual Information
  Systems, NLP in Requirement Engineering, NLP in Knowledge Management,
  Semantic Data Integration and Data Cleaning

- Social Media and Web Data: Corpus analysis, Language identification,
  Text normalization, Robust NLP for social media, Text classification,
  Information Extraction and Sentiment Analysis for social media

- Big Data and Natural Language

- Semantic Web Open Linked Data: Ontology Learning and Alignment,
  Populating ontologies, Querying Ontologies and linked data, Semantic
  tagging and classification, Ontology-driven NLP

- Question Answering (QA): NL interfaces to databases, QA using web
  data, multi-lingual QA, Non-factoid QA (how/why/opinion questions,
  lists), geographical QA, QA corpora and training sets

- Natural language and Ubiquitous Computing: Pervasive Computing,
  Embedded, Robotic and Mobile Applications.

- Natural Language in Conceptual Modeling: Analysis of Natural Language
  Descriptions, Terminological Ontologies, Consistency Checking,
  Metadata Creation and Harvesting, Ontology-driven Systems Integration,
  Ontology Management

- NLP Applications: Business Intelligence, Subjectivity and Sentiment
  Analysis, QA systems, Event Detection, Named Entity and Event
  Detection, Information Extraction, Summarization, NLP for Data Mining,
  NLP for Data Warehouses, Plagiarism detection, Identity detection 


Sophia Ananiadou, University of Manchester, UK
Title: Applications of Biomedical Text Mining

Gabriella Pasi, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
Title: Personal Ontologies





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