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                            Call For Papers
      ToRPorEsp: Workshop on Tools and Resources for Automatically
            Processing Portuguese and Spanish (Propor 2014)
                           October, 5th, 2014
                        São Carlos (SP), Brazil


Deadline for Abstract Submissions: July, 15th, 2014 (11:59pm GMT -12)


Much of the research and development of NLP tools has been done for
English, leading to best state of the art systems for this language,
while other languages lack of the coverage of English
resources. Although there are several interesting initiatives to develop
state of the art tools for other languages, there may not be enough
awareness in the community about them and the same work may be repeated
in several institutions and projects. This is a limitation for new
projects or research that would benefit from having such tools available
to develop higher level systems.  Similarly, work done for one language
may be beneficial to other closely related languages. Within this
context, we present the first Workshop on Tools and Resources for
Automatically Processing Portuguese and Spanish in PROPOR 2014
(International Conference on Computational Processing of Portuguese,

This workshop aims to be a forum for the presentation and discussion of
language-specific developments for Portuguese and Spanish, two closely
related languages.  We expect to join together researchers and
developers with a focus on the creation of tools and linguistic
resources for these two languages. These are two thriving communities
that can join efforts to maximize the impact of the developments in the
area for each of these languages, and promote resource reuse and
sharing. This workshop offers a venue for researchers and developers to
show work in NLP tools and resources, covering a wide spectrum of tasks
(from PoS taggers and parsers to text simplification or sentiment
analysis tools), and linguistic resources (WordNet initiatives,
grammars, etc). Furthermore, given the proximity of these two languages,
this workshop aims to promote discussion of crosslinguistic approaches
and possible tuning of existing tools for one language as basis for
developing similar tools for the other.

A special interest of the workshop is to facilitate access to technologies
and resources that are specific to Portuguese and Spanish. We intend that
the workshop will contribute to make tools and resources easily available
to the local community. To that aim, we encourage submissions that are
oriented towards simplifying the integration of a given tool or resource to
address specific needs in these regions. Detailed descriptions, motivation
of utility with specific scenarios, even tutorial-like approaches will be
highly appreciated. All workshop-related materials will be readily
available from the workshop webpage, to promote adoption.

The workshop is targeted at anyone interested on developing and using
tools and resources for Portuguese and Spanish. Presentations and
demonstrations are invited on, but not limited to, the following topics:

* NLP tools: PoS taggers, parsers, etc
* NLP applications: text simplification, summarization, sentiment
  analysis, information retrieval, etc
* Linguistic Resources: WordNet, grammars, etc
* Techniques to Automatically create such resources
* Techniques to Automatically adapt such resources to local variants of
  the languages.
* Cross-lingual approches, between Portuguese and Spanish or other


The main goal of this workshop is to offer a venue for sharing tools and
resources . Thus we encourage submissions of presentations and
demonstrations of both consolidated and under-development resources.

Authors are invited to submit their presentations/demonstrations in the
form of abstracts that will be published online. We accept submissions
in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Abstracts should contain authors
names, afiliations, a set of keywords and should be up to four pages
including references. Papers must be submitted in PDF, following the
Springer LNAI format guidelines.


July, 15th, 2014  -   Abstract submission deadline
September, 1st, 2014  -   Notification of acceptance
October, 5th,  2014  -  Workshop

* Laura Alonso Alemany (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)
* Núria Bel (UPF, Spain)
* Maria José Finatto (UFRGS, Brazil)
* Montserrat Marimon (UPF, Spain)
* Lluís Padró (UPC, Spain)
* Muntsa Padró (UFRGS, Brazil)
* Thiago Pardo (ICMC-USP, Brazil)
* Alexandre Rademaker (IBM Research Brazil  and FGv/EMAp,  Brazil)
* Carlos Ramisch (LIF-TALEP, France)
* Aline Villavicencio (UFRGS, Brazil)
* Rodrigo Wilkens (UFRGS, Brazil)


* Laura Alonso Alemany (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)
* Muntsa Padró (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
* Alexandre Rademaker (IBM Research Brazil  and FGv/EMAp,  Brazil)
* Aline Villavicencio (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Contact: torporesp2014 at

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