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=== Apologies for multiple postings ===

Call for Patterns
5th Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns (WOP2014)

WOP will be held on October 19 or 20, 2014, in conjunction with
ISWC 2014 (

Submission deadline : 7 July, 2014

This is the fifth edition in a series of workshops addressing the topic
of ontology and semantic web patterns as best practices, related to the initiative.

This edition of WOP will be the very first in Europe, in which
traditionally the design pattern community for semantic web and linked
data has been very strong. As interest in the Semantic Web increases and
technologies for realizing the Semantic Web become more mature, the need
for high-quality and reusable Semantic Web ontologies increases as
well. To address the quality and reusability issues, different types of
Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs) have emerged, and methods for devising
or discovering new ones from heterogeneous knowledge sources are needed.

Patterns need to be shared by a community in order to provide a common
language, and to stimulate pattern usage and development.  Hence, the
aim of this workshop is twofold

* providing an arena for proposing and discussing good practices,
  patterns, pattern-based ontologies, systems etc., and

* broadening the pattern community that is developing its own “language”
  for discussing and describing relevant problems and their solutions.

WOP2014 will be a half-day workshop consisting of two parts: paper
presentations and posters. The poster session will feature pattern
posters, i.e. presentations of patterns submitted according the call for

---- Paper Topics  For Research Papers and Short Papers -----

The main aim of the workshop is to discuss and collect solutions to
recurrent problems that matter to researchers and practitioners of the
Semantic Web field, and that impact on design and engineering of
ontologies, linked data, knowledge extraction, and other semantic web
applications. We invite the submission of original research results
related to the focus areas of the workshop. Research papers (maximum 12
pages LNCS style) should present mature work and document established
results, or be short papers presenting proposed research directions and
novel ideas (maximum 4 pages LNCS style).

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

* Ontology design patterns (ODPs) and pattern-based ontology design
* Anti-patterns and their relations to ODPs
* Pattern-based ontologies
* Ontology patterns and their relation with standards
* Ontology pattern extraction
* Analysis of ontology pattern usage
* Pattern-based ontology evaluation and selection
* Correspondence patterns for ontology matching and integration
* Best practices and examples for using existing ontologies/datasets to
  instantiate ODPs
* Discussion of use cases of particular ODPs across ontologies
* Evaluation of ODPs (methods, benchmarks)

* Patterns and Linked data (usage, emerging patterns, etc.)
* Linked Data patterns, patterns for using different vocabularies
* Web semantics from a pattern perspective
* ODPs used for interaction with data
* Data mining patterns
* Automatic ontology construction (ontology learning) based on patterns
* Reasoning pipelines
* Usage of patterns in business intelligence

* Relation between NLP patterns (either for learning, or procedural) and
  ontologies/linked data design
* Frame semantics in text and knowledge representation
* Knowledge patterns and knowledge reengineering based on patterns
* Pattern-based information extraction
* Nary-fact extraction and representation

* Patterns in semantic social networks, semantic wikis, semantic blogs
* Reengineering patterns for conceptual models, folksonomies, lexicons,
* Usage of patterns in conceptual modeling
* Processes and services process patterns
* Problem solving methods and patterns
* Contextual reasoning and patterns as context

* Pattern-based methods and methodologies for development of semantic
* Usage of patterns in Semantic Web design
* Collaborative ontology design and collaboration patterns
* Tools and applications for pattern-based knowledge engineering

* Ontology Patterns for specific domains (cultural heritage, digital
  humanities, multimedia, etc).

For submission details visit:

----- Patterns -----

We invite the submission of research results in the form of ontology
design patterns (ODPs). Patterns submitted should have a general
relevance to the ontology engineering field, or specific interest within
a knowledge domain. Patterns should solve some particular modeling
problem, and be of significant interest for discussion at the
workshop. Patterns should be original, in the sense that they are the
intellectual product of the author(s), however they may still be based
on the collective experience of a community.

Pattern submissions for the pattern session will be collected:

* through the ODP portal and
* by submitting a description of the pattern (pattern description) via

Detailed instructions for patterns submission, including how to submit
via the portal, are found at the submission
page at: .

Note that an account in the ODP portal is needed for submitting
patterns; thus, authors should take care to request an account at least
one week before their intended submission.

Pattern submissions can be made in any type of ODPs. Currently, portal
templates for submission are provided for the following types of
patterns (see general typology for explanation of the types):

* Content patterns
* Structural patterns: logical and architecture patterns.
* Correspondence patterns: re-engineering and alignment patterns.

For other types of patterns, the author is welcome to submit only a
pattern description.

---- Important dates (2014, 11:59 Hawaii time)  ----

*  Submission date (research papers and patterns): 7 July, 2014
* Author notifications: July 30, 2014
* Camera-ready proceedings: August 20, 2014
* Workshops will be held on October 19-20, 2014 (tba)

----- WOP2014 Chairs -----

* Victor de Boer,  VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Aldo Gangemi, LIPN Paris Sorbonne Citè/Paris 13 (FR)
* Krzysztof Janowicz, University of California, Santa Barbara
* Agnieszka Ławrynowicz, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

-----  Steering Committee -----

The workshop series is arranged by a fixed steering committee,
appointing the chairs and adjusting the focus of the workshop on a
yearly basis.

The WOP Steering committee consists of:

* Eva Blomqvist, ISTC-CNR (IT)
* Aldo Gangemi, ISTC-CNR (IT)
* Natasha Noy, Stanford University (US)
* Valentina Presutti, ISTC-CNR (IT)
* Alan Rector, University of Manchester (UK)
* Francois Scharffe, INRIA (FR)
* Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz (DE)
* Chris Welty, IBM Watson Research Center (US)

----- Program Committee -----

* Benjamin Adams, University of Auckland, NZ
* Alessandro Adamou, KMI Open University (UK)
* Lora Aroyo, VU (NL)
* Eva Blomqvist, Linköping University (SE)
* Victor de Boer, VU University Amsterdam (NL)
* Oscar Corcho, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
* Enrico Daga, ISTC-CNR, Rome (IT)
* Aldo Gangemi, LIPN Paris Sorbonne Citè/Paris 13 (FR)
* Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez, Intelligent Software Components (iSOCO) (ES)
* Gerd Gröner, University of Koblenz (DE)
* Giancarlo Guizzardi, Federal University of Espírito Santo (BR)
* Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University (US)
* Rinke Hoekstra, Vrije Universiteit/Universiteit van Amsterdam, (NL)
* Krzysztof Janowicz, University of California, Santa Barbara (US)
* Adila Alfa Krisnadhi, Wright State University (US)
* Jose Emilio Labra Gayo, University of Oviedo, (SP)
* Agnieszka Ławrynowicz, Poznań University of Technology (PL)
* Steffen Lohmann, University of Stuttgart (DE)
* Timothy Lebo, RPI, USA
* Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, University of Bologna/STLab ISTC-CNR (IT)
* Alessandro Oltramari, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh (US)
* Raul Palma, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PL)
* María Poveda, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (SP)
* Catherine Roussey, Irstea - Centre de Clermont-Ferrand, France
* Alan Ruttenberg, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, (US)
* Kurt Sandkuhl, University of Rostock (SE)
* Mari Carmen Suarez-Figueroa, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, (SP)
* Vojtech Svatek, University of Economics, Prague (CZ)
* Boris Villazón-Terrazas, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)

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