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  12th Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM 2014)
               Brisbane, Australia
               27-28 November 2014

Data Mining is the art and science of intelligent analysis of (usually
big) data sets for meaningful insights. Data mining is actively applied
across all industries including defence, medicine, science, finance,
customer relationship management, government, insurance,
telecommunications, retail and distribution, transportation, and

The Australasian Data Mining Conference has established itself as the
premier Australasian meeting for both practitioners and researchers in
data mining. Since AusDM'02 the conference has showcased research in
data mining, providing a forum for presenting and discussing the latest
research and developments. Since 2006, all proceedings have been printed
as volumes in the CRPIT series.

This year's conference, AusDM'14 builds on this tradition of
facilitating the cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, experience and
potential research directions. Specifically, the conference seeks to
showcase: Industry Case Studies; Research Prototypes; Practical
Analytics Technology; and Research Student Projects. AusDM'14 will be a
meeting place for pushing forward the frontiers of data mining in
industry and academia. We have lined up an excellent Keynote Speaker

Publication and topics

We are calling for papers, both research and applications, and from both
academia and industry, for publication and presentation at the
conference. All papers will go through peer-review by a panel of
international experts. Accepted papers will be published in an upcoming
volume (Data Mining and Analytics 2014) of the Conferences in Research
and Practice in Information Technology (CRPIT) series by the Australian
Computer Society which is also held in full-text on the ACM Digital
Library. The proceeding in electronic version will be distributed at the
conference. For more details on CRPIT please see

This year we are introducing a new track "Industry Showcase" for
industry participants to present the state-of-the-art analytics
projects. These submissions can be of non-academic-publication style and
will be for presentation only. These case studies and data mining
experiences will not be included in the conference proceeding.

Please note that we require that at least one author for each accepted
paper will register for the conference and present their work.

AusDM invites contributions addressing current research in data mining
and knowledge discovery as well as experiences, novel applications and
future challenges. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted

- Applications and Case Studies | Lessons and Experiences
- Big Data Analytics
- Biomedical and Health Data Mining
- Business Analytics
- Computational Aspects of Data Mining
- Data Integration, Matching and Linkage
- Data Mining Education
- Data Mining in Security and Surveillance
- Data Preparation, Cleaning and Preprocessing
- Data Stream Mining
- Evaluation of Results and their Communication
- Implementations of Data Mining in Industry
- Integrating Domain Knowledge
- Link, Tree, Graph, Network and Process Mining
- Multimedia Data Mining
- New Data Mining Algorithms
- Professional Challenges in Data Mining
- Privacy-preserving Data Mining
- Social Network and Social Media Mining
- Spatial and Temporal Data Mining
- Text Mining
- Visual Analytics
- Web Mining and Personalization

Submission of papers

We invite three types of submissions for AusDM 2014:

- Research Track: 
Normal academic submissions reporting on research progress, with a paper
length of between 8 and 12 pages in CRPIT style, as detailed below. For
academic submissions we will use a double-blinded review process,
i.e. paper submissions must NOT include authors names or affiliations or
acknowledgments referring to funding bodies. Self-citing references
should also be removed from the submitted papers for the double blind
reviewing purpose. These information can be added on after the review.

- Application Track: 
Submissions on specific data mining implementations and experiences in
government and industry settings. Submissions in this category can be
between 4 and 8 pages in CRPIT style, as detailed below. A committee
made of mix of academic and industry representatives will review these

- Industry Showcase: 
Submissions in this track are presentation only. In this track,
government and industry participants can present the case studies and
their experiences without getting worried about publication. We call for
an extended abstract up to two pages to assess these submissions. A
special committee made of industry representatives will review these

Paper submissions in Research and Application tracks are required to
follow the general format specified for papers in the CRPIT series by
the Australian Computer Society. Submission details are available from LaTeX styles and Word templates
may be found on this site. LaTeX is the recommended typesetting package.

The electronic submissions must be in PDF only, and made through the
AusDM'14 Submission Page at

Important Dates

Submission of abstracts: 28 July 2014
Submission of full papers: 4 August 2014 (midnight PST) Notification of
authors: 22 September 2014 Final version and author registration: 14
October 2014 Conference 27-28 November 2014

Organising Committee

Program Chairs (Research)
Lin Liu, University of South Australia, Adelaide Xue Li, University of
Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Program Chairs (Application)
Yanchang Zhao, Department of Immigration & Border Protection, Australia;
and Kok-Leong Ong, Deakin University, Melbourne

Conference Chairs
Richi Nayak, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Paul Kennedy, University of Technology, Sydney

Sponsorship Chair
Andrew Stranieri, University of Ballarat, Ballarat

Local Chair
Yue Xu, Brisbane, Australia

Steering Committee Chairs
Simeon Simoff, University of Western Sydney Graham Williams, Australian
Taxation Office

Other Steering Committee Members
Peter Christen, The Australian National University, Canberra Paul
Kennedy, University of Technology, Sydney Jiuyong Li, University of
South Australia, Adelaide Kok-Leong Ong, Deakin University, Melbourne
John Roddick, Flinders University, Adelaide Andrew Stranieri, University
of Ballarat, Ballarat Geoff Webb, Monash University, Melbourne

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