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Mon May 7 18:21:44 UTC 2001

Follow-up on the sequence 'pitz' -- since it occurs in several morphemes
and not all occurrences of it are easy to recognize, I collected some of
them (all of them from the Florentine Codex).


pi:tza***   (blow)
  apitza , c-.  he purges it, he defecates it. <p33-a:tl1-pi:tza>.
  apitza , m[o]-.  he has bloody diarrhea. <p54-a:tl1-pi:tza>.
  apitza , m[o]-.  he has diarrhea; they have diarrhea.
  apitza , nin[o]-.  I get diarrhea; I have diarrhea.
  apitzal , i-.  his diarrhea; their diarrhea.
  apitzalli.  diarrhea, fluid intestinal evacuation.
  apitzalti , te-.  it causes diarrhea.
  apitzaltic.  something which causes diarrhea.
  apitzaltiz , c-.  it will give him diarrhea.
  apitzaltontli.  little bit of diarrhea. <a:tl1-pi:tza-l1-to:n>.
  mapipitzoa.  he whistles; it whistles; there is whistling; they
    whistle. <ma:itl-dupl-pi:tza-l2=0-v05a>.
  mapipitzoani.  one who whistles with his fingers; shrill whistler;
    whistler. <ma:itl-dupl-pi:tza-l2=0-v05a-ni1>.
  mapipitzoliztli.  act of whistling through the fingers.
  pitz , omitz-.  she cast you. <o:-p32-pi:tza-prt1>.
  pitz , omo-.  it was cast. <o:-p54-pi:tza-prt1>.
  pitza , mo-.  it becomes inflamed; it blows; it flares up; it
    flared; it is cast; it is blown; it is melted; it is inflamed;
    they are cast. <p54-pi:tza>.
  pitza , nic-.  I blow it; I cast it. <p11-p33-pi:tza>.
  pitza , qui-.  he blows it; it blows on him; she blows it; she casts
    him; they blow it; they cast it; they blow it off. <p33-pi:tza>.
  pitza , tla-.  he blows a pipe; he casts [i.e.; metal]; it blows a
    trumpet; they blow; they blow (e.g.; trumpets); they blow [e.g.;
    trumpet shell]; they blow trumpets. <p51-pi:tza>.
  pitzalli , tla-.  act of blowing; flute; something which is cast
    [i.e.; metal]; something cast [e.g.; something which is blown
    [e.g.; trumpet]. <p51-pi:tza-l1>.
  pitzalnamacac , tla-.  seller of cast metal objects.
  pitzalo , tla-.  flutes are blown; musical instruments are blown;
    shell trumpets are blown; there is blowing of shell trumpets;
    trumpets are blown; there is blowing. <p51-pi:tza-lo:2>.
  pitzalo.  they are forged. <pi:tza-lo:1>.
  pitzaloc , o-.  it was cast. <o:-pi:tza-lo:1-prt2>.
  pitzaloni.  blower; something which can be cast; something that can
    be cast; something that can be blown. <pi:tza-lo:1-ni1>.
  pitzalotiuh , tla-.  there is going blowing musical instruments.
  pitzaloya , tla-.  there was blowing of trumpets; trumpets were
    blown. <p51-pi:tza-lo:2-ya3>.
  pitzaloz , tla-.  there will be sounding of trumpets.
  pitzalpan , tla-.  time of blowing of trumpets.
  pitzaya , qui-.  he blew it [i.e., trumpet]; they cast it.
  pitzaya , tla-.  they sounded a trumpet. <p51-pi:tza-ya3>.
  pitzaz , qui-.  he will blow it. <p33-pi:tza-z>.
  pitzque , oqui-.  they molded it. <o:-p33-pi:tza-prt1-plur01>.
  pitztiquiza , qui-.  he quickly blows it.
    <p33-pi:tza-ti1-prt1-qui:za aux07>.
  pitztiquiza , tla-.  he quickly whistles.
    <p51-pi:tza-prt1-ti1-qui:za aux07>.
  teccizpichilia , qui-.  they blow shell trumpets for him.
  teocuitlapitza , ni-.  I cast gold. <p11-teo:tl-cuitlatl-pi:tza>.
  teocuitlapitzaya.  they cast (past) gold.
  teocuitlapitzque.  gold-workers; goldcasters; goldsmiths.
  teocuitlapitzqui.  gold-worker; goldcaster; goldsmith.
  tepozpitza , ni-.  I cast copper. <p11-tepoztli-pi:tza>.
  tepozpitza.  he casts copper. <tepoztli-pi:tza>.
  tepozpitzque.  metal casters. <tepoztli-pi:tza-prt1-plur01>.
  tepozpitzqui.  coppercaster; copper caster; coppersmith.
  tlepitza.  he blows the fire; it blows the fire. <tletl-pi:tza>.
  xalpitza , ni-.  I blow sand. <p11-xa:lli-pi:tza>.

pitza:hua***  (become slender, make slender)
  acapitzac , i-.  his reed stalk. <poss-a:catl-pitza:hua--l2>.
  acapitzactli.  long reed. <a:catl-pitza:hua--l2>.
  ahhuachpitzactli.  thin drizzle. <ahhuachtli-pitza:hua-l2>.
  apitzactli.  stream; thin stream of water. <a:tl1-pitza:hua--l1>.
  apitzactotonti.  little streams. <a:tl1-pitza:hua--l1-dupl-to:n
  chiampitzahuac.  small chia seed. <chiam-pitza:hua-c1>.
  cuapitzahua.  it becomes slender at the top. <cua:itl-pitza:hua>.
  cuapitzahuac.  narrow at the top; pointed at the head; slender at
    the tip; slender at the top; thin at the top.
  cuapitzahuacan , i-.  its tip. <poss-cua:itl-pitza:hua-can?>.
  cuapitzahuaya , i-.  its slender end. <poss-cua:itl-pitza:hua-ya1>.
  cuappitzahuac.  slender tree. <cuahuitl-pitza:hua-c1>.
  ixpipitzahuac.  slender. <i:xtli-dupl-pitza:hua-c1>.
  ixpitzahuac.  fine, tiny; small. <i:xtli-pitza:hua-c1>.
  mapipitzahuac.  having slender leaves; having slender branches.
  mapitzahuac.  having slender leaves. <ma:itl-pitza:hua-c1>.
  matzotzopazpitzahuaya , to-.  slender part of our forearm.
  mecapitzahuac.  like a slender cord. <mecatl-pitza:hua-c1>.
  metzpitzahuaya , to-.  slender part of our thigh.
  nelhuayopitzahuac.  having slender roots.
  ohpitzacquetza , n-.  I follow the trail.
  ohpitzactli.  trail, path; narrow road. <ohtli-pitza:hua-l2>.
  olopitzahuac.  having a slender cob. <o:lo:tl-pitza:hua-c1>.
  olpitzahuac.  thin piece of rubber. <o:lli-pitza:hua-c1>.
  opitzacochpana , n-.  I sweep the trail.
  opitzactli.  narrow road; path; trail. <ohtli-pitza:hua-l2>.
  otlapitzactli.  long stout cane. <otlatl-pitza:hua--l2>.
  petlapitzahuac.  narrow mat. <petlatl-pitza:hua-c1>.
  pipitzahuac.  slender; thin. <dupl-pitza:hua-c1>.
  pitzactic.  slender. <pitza:hua-l2=0-tic>.
  pitzactontli.  little and thin; rather thin; small and narrow; small
    and slender. <pitza:hua-l2=0-to:n>.
  pitzactotonti.  small and slender. <pitza:hua-l2=0-dupl-to:n-plur02
  pitzahua , nic-.  I make it thin; I make it narrow; I narrow it.
  pitzahua , tla-.  he sings in falsetto; it becomes thin; it becomes
    narrow; it becomes slender; it howls in a high-pitched voice; it
    narrows; it screams; they sing in a high pitch; they use falsetto.
  pitzahua.  it becomes thin; it becomes narrow; it becomes slender;
    they become slender. <pitza:hua>.
  pitzahuac , tla-.  long and narrow. <p51-pitza:hua-c1>.
  pitzahuac.  fine; flaked; high-pitched; long and thin; long and
    slender; minute; narrow; slender; small; thin and long; thin.
  pitzahuacatequini , tla-.  one who cuts something into narrow
    strips. <p51-pitza:hua-ca:5-tequi1-ni1>.
  pitzahuacaxotlani , tla-.  one who cuts something into narrow
    strips. <p51-pitza:hua-ca:5-xotla-ni1>.
  pitzahuaya , tla-.  narrowed place; slender place.
  pitzahuaya , to-.  our waist. <poss-pitza:hua-ya:n>.
  quechpitzahuac.  having a slender neck. <quechtli-pitza:hua-c1>.
  tamalpitzahuac.  narrow tamale. <tamalli-pitza:hua-c1>.
  tempitzactic.  narrow-muzzled, having a narrow muzzle.
  tempitzahua , tla-.  they become thin-lipped.
  tempitzahuac.  having a slender bill; having a slender muzzle;
    having a thin muzzle; thin-muzzled. <te:ntli-pitza:hua-c1>.
  tempitzaton.  rather thin-muzzled, having a thin muzzle.
  tlalhuapitzactli.  thin nerve. <tlalhuatl-pitza:hua-->.
  tolpitzahuac.  slender reed; thin reed. <to:lin-pitza:hua-c1>.
  tzimpitzahuac.  having a slender abdomen; long and thin at the root;
    narrow at the base; narrow at the bottom; slender at the base;
    slender-tailed; having a slender tail; slender on the end; slender
    at the bottom; tapering toward the bottom; thin at the base.
  xalpitzactic.  like fine sand. <xa:lli-pitza:hua-tic>.
  xalpitzahuac.  fine sand. <xa:lli-pitza:hua-c1>.
  xalpitzahuacayo.  having fine sand. <xa:lli-pitza:hua-ca:5-yo:tl1>.
  yacapitzahua.  they become pointed at the end. <yacatl-pitza:hua>.
  yacapitzahuac.  !name=yacapitzahuac; eared grebe; slender at the
    end; tapering; sharp-tipped. <!name=yacapitzahuac
  yacapitzahuaca , to-.  thin part of our nose.

pitzi:ni***  (burst)
  pitzini.  it breaks; it bursts open; it bursts; it breaks open.

pitzotl***   (pig)
  caltepipitzotl.  pigsty. <calli-tepi-pitzotl>.
  pitzonacatl.  flesh of pig, pork. <pitzotl-nacatl>.
  pitzonequi , qui-.  he uses it like a pig, he uses it excessively;
    they lust for it like pigs. <p33-pitzotl-nequi>.
  pitzotl.  pig. <pitzotl>.

pi:tztli***  (fruitpit, something hard)
  cuappitztic.  stiff. <cuahuitl-pi:tztli-tic>.
  cuauhtepitztli.  hard tree; hard wood. <cuahuitl-tetl1-pi:tztli>.
  pitzahui , te-.  it hardens. <tetl1-pi:tztli-v03b>.
  tentepitztic.  hard. <tetl1-pi:tztli-tic>.
  tepitzahui , tla-.  it hardens. <p51?-tetl1-pi:tztli-v03b>.
  tepitzahui.  he becomes firm, hard; it becomes hard; it hardens.
  tepitzauhya , tla-.  hardened place.
  tepitzpatic.  very hard. <tetl1-pi:tztli-pah4-tic>.
  tepitztic.  hard; firm. <tetl1-pi:tztli-tic>.
  tlaltepitzpan.  in hard soil. <tla:lli-tetl1-pi:tztli-pan>.
  tzintepitztli.  rump bone. <tzi:ntli-tetl1-pi:tztli-tic>.
  yollotepitztic.  courageous, brave; .

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