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Wed Jan 22 16:52:54 UTC 2003


I've been retranslating a portion of the Cantares (f. 15r,17-18) and was
interested in some feedback (I've Garibay's, Leon Portilla, and Bierhorst's
trans. so please don't reply with those).  The phrase is << cuicatl
a[n]yolque xochitl ancueponque antepilhua[n] nizacatimaltzin /
intochihuitzin ompaye huitze[h] xochimecatl >>  I'm not satisfied with
resorting to "personal name" for nizacatimaltzin, and have tentatively
parsed it as {ni/zaca/-ti-/mal/tzin = I / grass /-conn.-/ captive / [h.]= I
the captive warrior}- using Bierhorst's (1985:419) trans. of oceozacatl as a
guide.  But I am not satisfied.  Any input would be welcome.

William Barnes

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