Mexica Creation Story

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Thu Jan 23 03:42:22 UTC 2003

Here is a version of the Mexica creation story as translated by Edward Dorn and
Gordon Brotherston (from the Sun Unwound, as cited in this website by Beto, a
Chicano student at UC Berkeley):

Question:  Is there any evidence in Mexico today of "twisted-up" tezontli?  And
if so, in which direction is the tezontli twisted, clockwise or counter-
clockwise?  I have only traveled as far south as Saltillo, and I have never
seen any twisted-up volcanic red rock.  Does it really exist anywhere?

Many contemporary Mexica believe that the end of the fifth sun has already
passed with the arrival of the Spaniards, and that the rise of the sixth sun
now awaits us.  Although, I do not believe that the fifth sun has ended (yet)
for a number of reasons.  I believe the fifth sun will end with greater
calamity that besets the whole world and not only us (the Mexica).

Citlalin Xochime

"Leave Us in Peace" -Riska Opra Sari (Riska: Memories of a Dayak Girlhood)

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