Mexica Creation Story

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Thu Jan 23 15:29:27 UTC 2003

Ah! Saltillo... Home sweet home! :)

On Wednesday 22 January 2003 21:42, zorrah at wrote:
> Here is a version of the Mexica creation story as translated by Edward Dorn
> and Gordon Brotherston (from the Sun Unwound, as cited in this website by
> Beto, a Chicano student at UC Berkeley):
> Question:  Is there any evidence in Mexico today of "twisted-up" tezontli?
> And if so, in which direction is the tezontli twisted, clockwise or
> counter- clockwise?  I have only traveled as far south as Saltillo, and I
> have never seen any twisted-up volcanic red rock.  Does it really exist
> anywhere?
> Many contemporary Mexica believe that the end of the fifth sun has already
> passed with the arrival of the Spaniards, and that the rise of the sixth
> sun now awaits us.  Although, I do not believe that the fifth sun has ended
> (yet) for a number of reasons.  I believe the fifth sun will end with
> greater calamity that besets the whole world and not only us (the Mexica).
> Citlalin Xochime
> "Leave Us in Peace" -Riska Opra Sari (Riska: Memories of a Dayak Girlhood)

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