mihtotia, ihtotia, mecehua...to dance?

Susana Moraleda susana at losrancheros.org
Thu Aug 2 18:54:28 UTC 2007

Hace tiempo dì unos seminarios sobre las danzas prehispanicas de Mexico,
incluyendo la Netoteliztli. Te adjunto un archivo en Word con el texto de
esta parte de mi conferencia.
La informacion la saque del libro "Historia General del Arte Mexicano",
Danzas y Bailes Populares, tomo I, de Electra L. Mompradé y Tonatiuh
Gutiérrez - Editorial Hermes, 1981.

Espero que te sirva.

Susana Moraleda

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> Piali Compaleh,
> I am doing more research on the precolumbian dance traditions of Mexico.
> My question is this:
> For Nahuatl I have found in Molina:
> Bailar o dancar nin, itotia.  ni, maceua
> Bailador, netotiani, maceuani
> baile o danca, netotiliztli, maceualiztli
> In Karttunen:
> ihto:tia: to dance; to get someone to dance
> I did not find an entry for macehua
> Based on Frances' analysis, should  Molina's maceua  (macehua)  be
> derived/related  from/to ma:ce:hualli: subject, commoner, indigenous
> person  or mahce:hualli: merit recompense fortune?
> In the book "Victors and Vanquished, edited by Stuart B. Schwartz, a
> section of Francisco Lopez de Gomara's Istoria de la Conquista de Mexico
> says  "...The performed the dance called macehualixtli, which means
> "reward through work" (from macehualli, a farmer)."
> (page 160)
> I am very much interested in what (if any) were the differences between
> the dances known as netotiliztli/mihtotiliztli, and those called
> maceualiztli.
> My theory is that one is a more social and popular type of dance,
> maceualiztli, (which also had its sacred aspects) and the other
> netotiliztli/mihtotiliztli is much more focused on religious state
> sponsored dance rituals for the gods.
> Anyone have an idea where I can do further research on this question?
> Miyec Tlazcamati!
> Mario
> www.mexicayotl.org
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