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Ah!  I've noticed that certain states of the US attract more people  
from certain states of Mexico and Central America.  In Oregon, where  
I lived until 3 weeks ago, our hispanic population is composed of  
Michoacanecos, Yucatecos and Guatemalan people... about 80% with  
vanishingly smaller proportions from a few other states.  So, it  
probably is that the Willamette Valley doesn't attract that  
particular set of people.
But here in Seattle a large Oaxaqueñan population seems to be the norm.
I know the interpreter service I've sub-contracted for does not have  
nahuatl as an option, but does have 4 varieties of Maya.  Thanks!

On Aug 28, 2007, at 9:56 AM, John F. Schwaller wrote:

> A month does not go by that someone from around the US contacts me  
> to try to find a Nahuatl interpreter for some proceeding.  So in  
> fact there are mono-lingual Nahuatl speakers here in the US.  I  
> would, however, posit on the basis of no empirical data, that many  
> of the Nahuatl speakers here are also bi-lingual in Spanish and as  
> such when confronted with a problem are forced to rely on Spanish,  
> since the courts and offices have Spanish interpreters.  Similarly,  
> I know for a fact hat the prisons of California and Arizona have  
> significant Nahuatl speaking populations because I am continually  
> contacted by other prisoners, and by guards, about how to learn the  
> language.  So, I know that there are fairly large numbers of  
> Nahuatl speakers here in the US.
> Kier Salmon wrote:
>> I wondered if it was because most nahuatl speakers ARE bilingual  
>> and thus I don't know about it.  But people chat with me and I  
>> find out from names and in general conversation about where  
>> they've come from.  The other explanation that comes to mind is  
>> that the nahua don't want to come to the USA... but then, why  
>> would the maya come in such numbers?
>> This is the rankest curiosity; since I am interested in learning  
>> to speak nahuatl, I've been paying attention and asking  
>> questions.  Does anybody have a hypothesis?
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