Translation Assistance for Nahua-inspired Lullaby

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Tue Oct 12 14:52:34 UTC 2010

Quoting Michael McCafferty <mmccaffe at>:

> Quoting "Campbell,  R. Joe" <campbel at>:
>> Cindy,
>>   Michael has already offered the answer with his "pochotl" and "ahuehuetl"
>> (note lack of vowel length).
> Quematzin. Was lazy about providing vowel length for this kind of enterprise.
> :-)
When I pointed out the lack of vowel length, it did not occur to me 
that I seemed to onicmahpilhuih Michael as if he were tlahtlacoani... I 
merely meant to "point out" my own decision not to specify vowel length 
(as is my wont).

Further, I mis-spelled the name of Louise C. Schoenhals.  I hope I 
didn't cause anyone to spin their wheels in searching for her book.

> 8-(


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