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Come on Ben, you know we're all dying to read the 18 syllable megaword. This
list would be a great place to register the longest known word in colonial
period Nahuatl texts, and to update the register if a record breaker shows

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¡Muchísimas gracias, Valerio!

Si alguien quiere ver los referencias que mencionó Valerio, encontré el
Nican Mopohua en Google Books aqui:

Also, the Internet Archive ( has the 1885 edition of
Rincón's Arte here:

¡Qué maravilla el poema que anotó Rincón!  How I wish he had told us more
about its author!!

If anyone is interested in a trove of polynomials, see the extracts from
the "Sermones y santoral en mexicano" that Louise Burkhart references in
her monograph "Before Guadalupe." See pp. 50-51 for a representative
example.  So far the longest I have encountered is a whopping EIGHTEEN
syllables!  Has anyone seen longer?

Gracias, todos!


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