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Dear John and listeros

Thanks for the explanations.

some responses:

2. Ok, so the -x is the remnant of the /yi/ ending (this means that in La
Huasteca the phonological forms are underlyingly /tokayitl/ and /ma:yitl/).
This would not be recognized by speakers of central dialects.
4. I am not giving an account of how these words are formed, they are
clearly fromed from verbs and nouns. But they function like property words
that form stative predicates.
5. kwalli works as a verb in that its primary syntactic function is to form
predicates "kwalli inon" 'tehwah tikwalli" etc. And it is not very nouny
()although obviously it originated as a noun because it neither accepts
plural or possessive morphology, and hardly ever occurs as the argument of
a verb as nouns prototypically do.

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