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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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December 11, 2002

>Stefan wrote:
>Can You please explain once more the advantages and possibilities for the
>work in the future. I am very busy to type every day new documents.
>Therefore there is not too much time left for timeconsuming editor-work. And
>as a beginner in this field it seems to be pretty complicated compared to
>the quickly typed documents with SW 4.4

Hello Everyone, and Stefan!
Thanks for this question, and certainly learning a new computer program is complicated. And I think it is great that you are busy typing SignWriter documents...what could be better?!!

Regarding learning SignBank, I think we should give it time. I will try to teach it slowly all through 2003, and I will try to add lots of signs, so our database gets bigger and bigger. I think in time, you will see some of the good points...

One of the advantages is teaching Deaf children spelling, so I will try to explain that slowly through 2003 -

So the burden is off your shoulders, Stefan, you are already doing soooo much for SignWriting in Germany!
Val ;-)

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