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Dear Val and List
you´re right, of course it is a lot different, if skilled signers write
German or if kids try to write who do  not have a secure language basis. In
Germany, we are not that far yet, there are just a couple of bilingual
programs in all, started just 10 yrs ago in Hamburg. That class, about 10
pupils, show very definite influence of DGS, some others of the 700 other
writers also, but mostly they just have major problems without other
language influence. I´d like to have someone review the texts for DGS
influence, i´m concentrating on describing what the difference between the
hearing-impaired, deaf and hearing students is. They all wrote to the same
video/picture-story, so it´s comparable. Thank you Stuart for the hint about
Perl, i´m not that detailed in Grammar. I´m looking for an idea to compare
content, meaning: What makes up a (good) story?? just found a few ideas on

so much for now, i´ll try your virtual pc tip, Val,

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> SignWriting List
> May 31, 2002
> Ilke in Germany wrote:
> >As for my dissertation, i´m right now trying to analyse 720 Texts from
> >hard-of-hearing and hearing students in 3rd, 6th and 9th grade to compare
> >their writing style. We are still a bit backwards in Germany so that no
> >really paid much attention to how these students write. I am still
> >for a good idea how to compare the contents, though, because i can see
> >there are a couple of texts that are just ingenious, but the formal usage
> >German is still pretty bad. Does anyone have an idea how to compare 700
> >texts contentwise?
> Hello Ilke and Everyone!
> I hope others will be able to give you support on this question.
> There must be a way. I know Cecilia Flood, who is writing her
> dissertation about SignWriting in the public schools in Albuquerque,
> New Mexico, has video clips of the deaf children reading and writing.
> I believe Cecilia is then comparing those videos or at least
> analyzing them...but that incorporates their signing too...not just
> their writing...
> If all of your texts are written on paper in the German spoken
> language, Ilke, then one issue to look at is this: How are the native
> signers writing? And is their writing different than those who are
> not skilled signers? Their grammar may change in written German,
> depending on whether they are native signers or not...
> What may seem like bad German grammar, may actually be excellent
> grammar for DGS...which of course, shows why writing with SignWriting
> would be more direct, and probably easier, for the students...
> --
> Val ;-)
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