New Posting: Official SSS for SignBank 2002

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Sep 12 20:41:54 UTC 2002

Hello Valerie,

1) Is there a way to show the difference between the
clockwise right index finger position 3 and the
anticlockwise right index finger position 7 without a
wrist?  The pinky is on the same side of the hand in
both which would put the index finger on the bottom of
the screen.  Though the clockwise 7 is less easy to
perform (it certainly appears in classic oriental
dances), I was just wondering how to show it.

2) Is there a preferred way to show the horizontal
right (or left) hand pointed sideways across the body
palm up?  Since I'm an old timer, I tend to show it
with a half/half hand to show the "side" view, whereas
others show it with the "palm up" view.  For the ASL
sign "welcome" for example, the wrist turns from a
palm down to a palm up position, which, for me, would
essentially reverse the half/half split.  For others,
this would change the palm from black to white.  Is
there a "preferred spelling" from the archives?  I'm
trying to make a judgment call on spellings for Libras
so that all of us are using the same palm facing
position for ordering, example being "homem" which is
similar to one ASL sign for "Jew" with the open angle
hand stroking a beard.  I don't have the software on
this computer, so I'm having to use descriptives,
which  just shows how awkward a "verbal" description


--- Valerie Sutton <Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> Sept. 5, 2002
> Hello Everyone and Charles!
> When you start using SignBank, you will see that all
> rotations are
> there and always will be.
> In the SSS listing on the web, I listed the first
> flop-rotation of
> every symbol in SignBank.  The first position out of
> the 96 rotations
> is "Flop-01 and Rotation 01". Take a look at the
> attached diagram...I
> circled it in red.
> Some symbols, like the C hand, actually look better
> if they are
> listed in the Flop01-Rotation03 position, while
> others, like the
> Index Finger, look better in the Flop01-Rotation01
> position. I am
> aware of that...In the past I took the trouble of
> going in and
> changing some of the handshapes to Rotation 03 just
> for listing
> purposes...This took a lot of time. So in time I can
> go back to do
> that. Meanwhile, at least you have all the new
> numbers for SSS-2002.
> Val ;-)

> ATTACHMENT part 2 image/gif name=SSS-Listing.gif;
x-mac-type=47494666; x-mac-creator=3842494D

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