SW in Sign Language Studies, volume 3, no.4, Summer 2003, pp. 393-430

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Sun Aug 3 00:01:52 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
August 2, 2003

Dear SW List, and Fernando!
I contacted the Sign Language Studies web site, to read your article, 
Fernando. Go to:

Sign Language Studies

And if you click on the current issue, you will see the table of 
contents...It is a special issue about Sign Language dictionaries!!  
Here is the Table of Contents:

Special Issue on Dictionaries and Lexicography, Part II
The Development of National Sign Language Dictionaries

Current Issue

David F. Armstrong

The Multimedia Dictionary of American Sign Language: Learning Lessons 
about Language, Technology, and Business
Sherman Wilcox

Brazilian Sign  Language Lexicography and Technology: Dictionary, 
Digital Encyclopedia, Chereme-Based  Sign-Retrieval and Quadriplegic 
Deaf Communication Systems
Fernando C. Capovilla, Marcelo Duduchi, Walkiria D. Raphael, Renato D. 
Luz, Daniela Rozados, Alessandra G. S. Capovilla, and Elizeu C. Macedo

Language  Standardization and Signed Language Dictionaries
Trevor Johnston

 From Variant to Standard: An Overview of the Standardization Process of 
the Lexicon of Sign Language of the Netherlands over Two Decades
Trude Schermer

Lexicography and the University: Making the Gallaudet Dictionary of  
American Sign Language
John Vickrey Van Cleve


On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 12:33 PM, Fernando Capovilla wrote:

> Dear Valerie and dear SW friends,
> I am very glad to inform you that Gallaudet University Press has just 
> released a new issue of the outstanding Sign Language Studies (Volume 
> 3, number 4). On ages 393-430 you will find an article of ours 
> presenting research & development in Brazil (Dictionary, Encyclopedia, 
> Cheremic search system, & Multimedia SL-based communication system for 
> quadriplegic deaf), which includes, of course, the importance of 
> SignWriting in our work as scientist researchers, psychologists and 
> educators. I hope you enjoy.
> With my best regards. Warmly,
> Fernando Capovilla
> University of Sao Paulo
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